International Day for Sports Development and Peace

Posted by Michelle Stamm on Apr 06 2020 at 01:01PM PDT in Swim Season 2018-2019

Sport is a vital part of everyone’s life. As young children we grow participating in a variety of different sports. Our parents may be doing the same or have participated in a variety of levels of sport. We participate in schools, recreation, in community or in a higher level part of the Provincial Sport Organization, National Sport Organization, or Internationally. We all enjoy watching professional teams compete, top athletes representing our country at Pan Am, Olympic and many other levels.
Sport empowers us, brings us together, strengthening social ties, building community sustainability. In the end through hard work outs, reaching goals, winning teams, we are at peace.
Right now non of this is possible in the grand scheme of things. It is up to you to continue moving, keeping strong, encouraging others – when the day comes we can all come together, be united and strong.


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